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Behind the Brand with Minty Magazine

Store News

The story behind my brand has recently been featured in the amazing Minty Magazine blog! If you have ever been curious as to who I am, how my business came about, how I source all my gorgeous international products or what I have planned for my business in the future - then you should check it out!

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7 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly This Summer

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Sustainability

Check out our 7 easy ways to be more eco-friendly this summer to help work towards leaving a lighter footprint and preserving this beautiful country for our children's children!

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The Start of New Beginnings!

New website, new beginnings! Working on my website and adding beautiful new products makes me wanna dance! So excited to see this little business I have started almost 2 years ago grow! Working from home, being creative and expanding the Dutch Warehouse collection is something I could have only dreamt off a few years ago! Dear customers and followers...keep supporting small business, you really are making a difference in this world and giving individuals the opportunity to survive (and thrive) in a world where big, powerful and greedy companies rule. Love Annemarie x

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